Have your say: Contribute to the International Report

The Empower4DigiLinE aims to enhance digital competencies in language education, particularly in the post-Covid education landscape. 

The main objectives include:

  • Increasing digital competences;
  • Encouraging the adoption of new technologies in language education, such as AI tools;
  • Expanding the use of digital assessment and feedback tools;
  • Promoting inclusion and accessibility in language education;
  • Fostering digital resilience and media literacy.

The first tangible result of the project is the development of an International report, which will provide information about how teaching has changed since Covid (where is teaching taking place, how are teachers interacting with learners etc), and will also detail teachers’ current skills and perceived training needs with regards to new technologies such as AI and in the DigCompEdu aspects of assessment, learner empowerment and digital resilience. The international report will be supported by a summary report and infographics, which will be translated into national languages (Finnish, German, Italian, Spanish and Greek).

To this very end, the project partners developed a dedicated online questionnaire to gather input regarding teachers’ perspectives on emerging technologies like AI and on assessment, learner empowerment, and inclusion in the classroom!

Your contribution and participation is highly appreciated! Let us know your thoughts by answering the survey:

As the world adapts to new tools, Empower4DigiLinE lights the way forward, empowering educators and learners alike in a digitally enhanced linguistic landscape.